chennani flamenco


The Tracks

1. Anjuna
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The title track of the album was inspired by my trip to the beachside town, Anjuna, in Goa. On market day, it's a riot of colour, with bejewelled fabrics and hippy T-shirts and jeans, and the odd sacred cow.

2. Aztecs and Incas
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This track was inspired by my travels to Brazil, especially the Amazon jungle and the Pantanal. I lived in Brazil in my twenties and studied its music; I was fascinated by the Amerindians, who were part of Aztec and Inca culture, and who are represented by the flute in the first section.

3. Old Goa
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When I visited Old Goa, the contrast between the white Portuguese colonial churches and the colourful Hindu temples, with their many gods, made a lasting impression on me. The music reflects this in its bi-culturalism, and its use of sitar at the start, and the playful
entries of the accordion and the violin.

4. Mambo
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Mambo is a crazy piece of disco music mixed with Cuban salsa and tabla, inspired by my journey across Cuba on a charity cycle ride in 1999. It is frivolous and improvised, with a surprising classical section that joins up to the main theme. This reflects my passion for
combining classical music with jazz and other popular styles.

5. Mumbai Blues
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Having spent many childhood winters in Mumbai as a child, this piece reflects the city's madness, many cultures and religions. Mumbai is the city of diversities in every sense of the word - both astonishing and dismal, beautiful and ugly at the same time.

6. Space Tango
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This was born out a musician's dream back in 1998: I was given access to a free recording studio. And in three days I composed two pieces of music, and found musicians to record it with me. I have always been inspired by Tango Argentina, and I came up with Space Tango. I decided to revisit it seven years later.

7. Tsunami
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Having visited Sri Lanka several times in the year before the tsunami struck, I was very moved by this tragedy and the repercussions of it, which go on to this day. I wrote this piece in January 2005 as a memorial to the victims of the tsunami. It was performed the following
month at a fund-raising concert at Burgh House in Hampstead.

The other Musicians:

Mehboob Nadeem - sitar
Igor Outkine - accordion
Sarah Harrrison - violin
Rob Lavers - saxophones and flute
Jamie Trowell - drums and percussion
Jules Faife - bass